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"Chan makes impressive showing in Cantata Singers’ poignant season finale" 
(Aaron Keebaugh, Boston Classical Review)

March 28, 2022

“[Chan] worked like a sculptor, crafting gleaming harmonies from each chant-like statement.” 

"Throughout, the Australian conductor [Chan] led the scores with a smooth control that enabled the lines to flow with natural ease."

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"Back Bay Chorale serves up a winning 
holiday mix"

(Jonathan Blumhofter, Boston Classical Review)

December 21, 2019

"The challenge of constructing a fresh and musically interesting holiday concert can be a daunting one. Happily, Back Bay Chorale and associate conductor Katherine Chan hit on a winning combination with “A Boston Christmas” at Old South Church on Friday night."

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"How School Choirs are Practicing In-Person with Creative Safety Measures"
(Claire Peters, Very Well Health - Interview)

August 13, 2021

[Student's name] [is blessed to have been under Chan’s leadership and that the director “really fought for us to have in-person singing.”

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